Bags Not

One Sunday afternoon, my friend and I Nick were having a beer and setting the world to rights. Nick was telling me about New Zealand's plastic problem, in particular his frustration with its love affair with single-use plastic bags. I agreed it was a real issue and so we began thinking about what two humans could do to make a dent in this problem. We rattled the idea around for an hour and eventually we realised that we needed to think bigger than just us. 

So I approached my employer thinking he might be willing to generously lend agency time to figuring it out. Turns out that he was very keen, and so we set to work coming up with what this social change campaign would look like. 

9 months later, "Bags Not" was born. 

We were determined that this campaign would be friendly, accessible and most importantly, focused on the solutions. Nobody enjoys being told off for a behaviour that was embedded in them since a young age. Solutions above all. 

We created a website full of tips, tricks and information to help people say "Bags Not" and kick an old habit. We enlisted the help of some NZ celebs to join the cause, complimented by a large number of social ambassadors to help us spread the message even further. We asked people to sign up for an EDM on the website which would send them helpful information covering everything from how to remember their reusable bags to which businesses were saying "Bags Not" too. 

As we launched we had 3 confirmed retail partners who had put money towards the cause, we had over half a million dollars of donated media spend to help us amplify the message and were in talks with the Auckland council to become partners of the movement.

Oh and I got to shoot all the video. Which was a nice bonus. 


Nando's NZ

They're a dream client. Tender grilled PERi-PERi chicken, crispy golden PERi-PERi fries and a tongue-in-cheek tone, perfect for the social landscape. I've worked with Nando's for over a year shooting video, stills and writing copy for them. In return they've paid me in chicken and more fries than I can handle. Tough gig.  

See the Facebook page: Here

Animates Valentine's Day

A three part series of videos created for the NZ based pet store Animates. They asked us to come up with a way to talk to their fans on Valentines day. We knew that people really love their pets (often more than people) so we devised a little switcheroo. They say never work with animals if you can help it, I think the people who say that are trying to keep the business for themselves, I had a blast!


As a photographer, this is a client you dream of working for. So actually getting to do it has been a dream come true. I have worked with Canon for over a year shooting stills, video and writing copy for their social pages, as well as having creative input on the larger projects. Any client that sends you to Samoa on assignment gets a tick in my books.

See the Facebook page: Here